How to Create a Customer Loyalty Program for Your Business

The concept about a loyalty program is very simple. You will reward your customers for repeating businesses and revenues will increase from support. Most of the biggest brands in the world have customer loyalty programs that have adversely affected their performance and customer satisfaction. This loyalty program is not for big businesses alone but will be one of the main strategies that small businesses will use in scaling revenues as well as building the longer lasting relationships where the customers are the ones that matter most – the loyal product and business fans. This is for the sake of business owners to give themselves a foundation for them to follow and create a powerful customer loyalty program that can help every business to grow.


It is very crucial for a business owner like you to begin with some of these important questions before creating a customer loyalty program because an American of average social class will be involved in an average of about 22 programs and can be active in about nine of them, so you will be sure to create a program that will be very creative and attract attention of the average American so that they can also be active in them all. Be sure it will provide the following when you are creating it.


  • Hard benefits that are geared towards saving money
  • Value added to the purchases made by the customer
  • Soft benefits making the experience to the customers better
  • Increased appreciation, recognition and validation as well.

You will be sure the program provides the following for businesses.


  • Drives behavior and provides a clear bath for the customers
  • Leverage any necessary data that can be essential in making necessary decisions
  • Enable the opt-in marketing by collecting essential email addresses as well as activating customers

When you are developing a loyalty program, be sure as well in evaluating the benefits stated below.


STRUCTURE: does the plan add any value to your customers? Does the program do beyond the mere transactions? Does the program elevate the experience of the customers?

DELIVERY: is the program easier for the participation of the customers? Does it have an enhancement to whatever you are already doing? Is it any flexible in allowing growth to your business as well as scale?


ECONOMICS: is the loyalty program measurable? Does the program add any returns or revenues to your business?


It is very important to develop a loyalty program that will retain already existing customers rather than that one which attracts customers only. Because it will cost the business more in retaining already in customers, we really felt that the customers will be retained and it will be very important to have a rewarding program for loyal customers so that they can feel esteemed and appreciated.