5 Helpful Safety Tips For Gun Owners

Owning a firearm is serious business. You don’t have to treat it like Superman treats kryptonite, but it should be handled with care. Every time. This is going to be a quick reference for some basic and helpful gun safety tips. If you are a new gun owner or even an avid enthusiast, these are common sense tips that any gun owner can appreciate.

#1 Always Check For A Loaded Weapon

This is at the top of the list since it’s the one thing that causes so many gun accidents. Always make sure the gun isnot loaded when you’re handling it. It doesn’t matter how familiar with it you are, accidents happen to everyone. In almost every accidental shooting, they didn’t know the gun was loaded.

#2 Watch Your Aim

This one is for the weapon that you know is loaded. Always keep the barrel pointed down and away from anybody. Only point the gun at the intended target or nothing at all. Have an awareness of where people are at all times and keep your finger off of the trigger until it’s time to shoot.

#3 Know Where You’re Shooting

Always make double sure that the target area and the surrounding area are clear before firing. The target should be clear on all sides including behind it. If you are ever in doubt that there is no clear shot, (do not shoot!) You will more than likely regret it. Nobody wants to be the next news story.

#4 Know The Weapon

It is crucial that you know every part of you firearm. If there is any type of malfunction and you’re not aware, it could spell disaster. You need to know how to operate it properly and know all of it’s moving parts. Not all guns work the same obviously, so it’s important to learn everything about your specific gun. If you own more than one, then learn all of them.

#5 Safe Storage

This is the one that causes more accidents than it needs to. Always make sure that your weapon is safely secured away from curious hands. You can purchase trigger locks, cable locks gun storage safes to keep it safely away from any accident that may occur. After all, we’re talking about a deadly weapon here and it should be treated that way. Having a locking mechanism and a safe is the best way to make sure nobody touches the gun when you’re not around.