5 Essential Burger Ingredients

Everyone wants to be the neighborhood hero when hosting a BBQ. Well now it will be simple after reading this article. Wow your friends and claim the title by cooking up your own legend with these 5 essential burger ingredients!


The first juicy bite into a burger is good, but some argue that the second is the best. Especially if bacon is involved. You’re just past the outer edge, working your way to the middle. The sauces and crunchy lettuce blending with the succulent meat of that initial bite. Then boom! You’ve found heaven and it’s name is bacon. The smokey, salty goodness blends in your mouth with the other ingredients, and you swear you’ve found the Promised Land. Indeed you have.

Not into regular bacon? Try turkey bacon as an alternative!


Transform your regular burger into a cheeseburger! This classic has been around since the burger’s origin. There’s hardly an ingredient known to humankind that tops chunks of cheeses nestled in a burger’s juicy nooks and crannies. Some prefer classics, sch as American or cheddar cheese; but others will swear by exotic bits of gouda or other somewhat popular types such as blue cheese. No matter which you prefer, cheese is completely interchangeable and has the power to change the entire dynamic of your burger.

Scrambled Egg

Yes! Add something a little different but familiar to your burger. It seems every restaurant on the planet offers some form of breakfast offering with their burgers, and now you can too. Top off your burger with a scrambled egg anytime of the day and your guests will love you. Every genius takes a risk, and this one is no different.

Various Hot Sauces

Instead of trying to mix your own spices into the meat, why not try adding your favorite sauce while it’s cooking? A smoking Caribbean hot sauce will do in almost any situation, but go ahead and experiment with others. You can even add some to existing condiments–mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise–or as a standalone ingredient.


Ginger? Yes. Ginger. You have got to try it to believe it. Whether dried or fresh, ginger is a great last-minute addition to any burger. However, unlike bacon or pickles (not listed because everyone knows you need pickles), adding too much ginger isn’t something you want to do; so it might take a little practice to find an edible balance. Thus, it’s highly recommended you try this n yourself before subjecting the neighbors to your latest culinary experiment.

There you have it: bacon, cheese, bacon, scrambled egg, and ginger; 5 essential ingredients you must try n your burger. Go ahead and try them separately or all at once! Speaking of which, I’m getting really hungry right now. It’s time to fire up the grill! Gotta’ run!