5 Different Types of Commercial Fishing Nets

There are many different types of fishing nets available on the market to help you catch a large number of fish at one time. Each net has a unique design to help catch you catch a specific kind of fish. Let’s get started by taking a look at 5 different types of commercial fishing nets.

A Trammel Net – The history of the trammel net goes all the way back to biblical times. Made by hanging three pieces of netting to a float line and a lead line. There are two outside pieces of large mesh netting and an inside smaller mesh netting. The kind of fish you are trying to catch will dictate the size of the mesh inside your netting.

A Seine Net – Seine nets hang vertically in the water with the bottom edge weighted down along the bottom edge, and floats across the top so the net will hang upright in the water.  They are woven typically from twine or rope with mesh openings the size of the fish you want to catch. The ends are drawn together to encircle and catch the fish. Great for use in fresh or salt water and most can be deployed by boat or land.

A Hoop Net – Hoop nets are cylindrical shaped nets with a series of hoops, multiple per hoop – tapered and spaced along the length of the net to help keep it stay open. The net is loaded with a bait bag to attract fish.

A Gill Net – Gill nets are commonly used by commercial fisherman of the oceans. Fish will swim into the netting and passing only part of the way through the mesh. When they struggle to get free,  and the twine will slip behind the gill cover and prevent escape – they are then caught in the gill net. The mesh size, depth and length of the gill net is tailored the species of fish that you want to catch.

A Cast Net – A cast net is different than some in that it is a cone style net, with a weighted perimeter that is thrown out by hand and immediately drawn right back up again. When thrown in the water, the weighted edges of the net causes it to sink and trap any fish immediately. There is a line attached to the net so you can pull back in your catch.

With different types of nets for different types of fish, make sure to get the right net for the job.  Use of some netting types is not legal in all areas of the United States, so please check with the laws in your area before heading out to fish.