4 Reasons a Luxury Binder Conveys Skill

When it comes to conveying your position within a company, a luxury binder may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, these binders can be used to convey skill and rank more than nearly anything else. There are four main reasons why.


1. Opulence


Simply put, luxury binders are expensive. They’re a luxury item, and owning one demonstrates that you possess the experience and salary necessary to purchase one. Many people judge your skill level by how much you earn, which means those who own luxury binders are in a position to earn a higher pay grade than the average worker. While it may not be logically correct, for many people, perception drives their reality; if you own an item that only someone with a high level of skill may own, then naturally you must possess the skills to back up that theory.


2. Importance

Luxury binders are not simply for looks, however. They are more artfully constructed than regular binders, and offer better protection to the documents contained within. It goes to follow, then, that the documents within a luxury binder are of particular importance. Carrying a luxury binder means that you’re in charge of important documents relating to the company, and therefore hold the authority and skill necessary to be in charge of them.


3. Reward


Companies award their most prized employees in different ways. One of the ways they may award a particularly valued employee is with a luxury binder. As such, those who see you using the binder may assume — and rightfully so — that you’ve performed your job at such a high skill level that your company has awarded you a luxury item in appreciation. As such, it shows that you possess the skill necessary to make yourself an invaluable part of your company’s team.


4. Enticement

This point demonstrates the skill of the company more than the employee. If the company is looking to bring on more staff, they do so by demonstrating what they have to offer the potential employee. A luxury binder is one of those things; it holds the promise of higher pay and a better way of life. All the person has to do is work for the company. As such, the company skillfully weaves a fantasy narrative to pull a bystander into working for them through nothing more than an item of extreme luxury and wealth.


Luxury binders demonstrate skill in a variety of different ways. However, there’s no denying that there is a certain amount of pleasure that comes from owning them; whether it is the fresh leather smell of a new binder, or the satisfying crinkle of the leather spine as the binder is opened for the first time, a luxury binder is a phenomenal addition to the businessman’s repertoire.